The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 138th Edition

Pet Carrying Backpack

Take your pet out with you to see the world!

Watch With Cigarette Lighter

The ultimate smooth move: tell the hottie at the bar what time it is and then with one swift motion light their cigarette for them.

Vertellis Conversation Game

A unique card game that stimulates meaningful conversation with thought provoking questions on cards. Best paired with some wine and close friends. It's also a great tool in the classroom to help students practice their English!

Yuanye Dry Shampoo

“Waaaaaaayyy cheaper and does the same thing. Prefer this over Batiste.” - michellemichelle

Simple Coat Rack & Shelf

When space is limited in a tiny apartment, you need products that have multiple functions.

Chinese Zodiac Glassware Set

Chinese New Year is coming up! Celebrate with a glass for every zodiac sign.

Sexy Boyfriend Pillow

You know what else is coming up? Valentine's Day. It's not crazy at all to snuggle up to this guy all night long.

Turtle Snowboarding Butt Pad

If you've ever been snowboarding you know how easy it is to fall on your butt. Strap this soft turtle to your backside and keep it warm and protected.

Hot Pot Barbie

She's hot, she's spicy...she's Hot Pot Barbie!

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