The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 139th Edition

Creative City Storage Hooks

Replace your sh*tty storage hooks with some city storage hooks!

Pet Anti-Scratch & Lick Collar

Cones can be embarrassing to wear after a surgery. Give your pet something a little more dignified to wear instead!

Hungry Shark Pillows

Looks like these sharks didn't get the memo...humans are friends, not food!

Mobile Phone Hand Cover

When you have poor circulation and your hands are too cold to type out that passive aggressive WeChat message.

Yoda Ceramic Mug

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for your favorite Star Wars fan.

Scooter Eyelashes

Ride through town, and everyone will whisper...Who is she?

Electric Shock Game

What part of this game actually looks fun?

iPhone Landline Extension

True progress is developing a cell phone but adapting it to look and function like a landline.

Golden Emperor's Throne

Keep this in your home, but don't let anyone sit on it unless they defeat you in hand to hand combat.

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