The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 13th Edition

Twister Party Game


It was fun to play when you were a kid, but now you can play it with alcohol!

Volcom Skull Mountain T-Shirt


From the Volcom official Tmall store, this shirt gets cooler up close, as the skull you see from afar is entirely made up of rivers, trees, mountains and more.

Rock Royce Case for iPhone 6


This sleek iPhone 6 case has a built-in stand - perfect for giving your arm a rest during long FaceTime calls back home.

Sande PB767 Household Blender


Powerful blenders like this high-rated Sandee can go for prices in the thousands. Grab this one and start making some summer smoothies.

Fun Superhero Socks


Since these are one-size-fits-all, we spoke to the seller and they've told us the size is 38-43. Quite a wide range, but should fit if you aren't a giant!

M. Air Bedside Alarm Clocks


These cute alarm clocks come in several styles: bicycle, apple, cello, and plain.

Scary Bouncy Ball People


Lord knows what kind of demonic rituals the bouncy ball tribe is involved in.

Fake Canon Lens Thermos Cup


You won't be able to take photos with it, but you can definitely scare some camera-loving friends when they see you drinking coffee out of it!

Japanese Light-Up Skirt


Nevermind the absurd price tag. If you take a look at the product images, you'll find a poem that seems to describe the inspiration for the Hikaru light-up skirt. It reads:

I am in the light.

I live inside the light.

I live before the light.

*backs away slowly*

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