The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 142nd Edition

Crep Waterproofing Spray

Extend the life of everything you love! Try it on shoes, bags, your cat...

Tanita innerScan Electric Scale

This has a really nice design, clearly shows fat, muscle, bone and water weights, and works well with the app. Plus, the app is available in English, and you can get English instructions from Tanita's website. - ryanoldford

Flower Tea Variety Pack

Just add water and watch this tea "bloom" into a beautiful flower! This pack comes with 16 different varieties.

50x50cm Faux Silk Scarves

Use them as a headband, scarf or tie them to your handbag for a very chic look. They also make a great blindfold if an entity takes over the world and if you look directly at it, you'll die.

Warm House Slippers

At this price, you can have new slippers once a week. You'll never need to wash your feet again!

Reusable Shopping Bags

Do the environment a solid and start bringing your own reusable plastic bag on those late night trips to Family Mart.

Genuine Stuffed Lion

Sorry, we won't be processing orders for this...try this stuffed lion instead!

Nicholas Cage Sweatshirt II

After the amazing success of the first version...we went and found the only thing better than 1 Nicholas Cage sweater...2 of them!

Denim Hot Pants

Pair this with your Nicholas Cage sweater for the classiest outfit in town.

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