The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 14th Edition

Parrot Jumping Race Drone


French company Parrot has a collection of super cool drones. The Jumping Race drones can spin 360 degrees, roll at 8 mph, and jump up to 2.4 feet. They're app-controlled for iOS and Android devices, and you can live stream through the drone's camera.

Little Bambino Popper


The Little Bambino Popper makes up to 1 gallon of popcorn per batch and has a built-in stirring system, a warming light, and a convenient pull-out tray. Ships with an introductory set of kernels so you can get to popping right away!

WoW Horde Power Bank


The Horde and Alliance power banks light up while charging and have dual USB ports for charging two devices simultaneously. Be sure to check out Blizzard's official store for lots more goodies!

Versatile Laptop Shoulder Bag

From ¥65.75

Waterproof and made with extra-durable fabric (check out the product images for a gif of them trying to knife the bag open!), Burnur's laptop bag comes in many colors and two styles - the "extended edition" has a zipper around the bottom that allows you to expand the size of the bag.

Men's Summer Flip Flops


Big-footed men, rejoice! These sandals by Xmistuo go all the way up to size 48 (that's about a size 13.5 US). Judging by the second product image, these were either worn by David Beckham or modeled after his sandals, so I guess we give bonus points for that?

Women's Summer Sandals


Summer's here for all of us, so we're not leaving the ladies out! These ones were inspired by Chinese star Yang Mi on the red carpet, and they've sold over 20,000 pairs.

Nubrella Hands-Free Umbrella


How much would you pay to free up your hand while walking in the rain? ¥1,056.95, that's how much. Also good for keeping people at bay on crowded subways.

Little Toilet Monster Fountain Gag


"Sorry, I am unintentional!"

Handmade Wolf Mouth Prosthetic


I'm speechless. I am without speech. Literally - I can't speak with this freakish thing attached to my face.

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