The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 154th Edition

LEGO Shanghai Skyline

It seems like the iconic Shanghai skyline was built in the same time that it will take you to construct it out of Legos. (Sorry, no other Chinese cities are available!)

21 Inch Scooter Suitcase

Traveling isn't very glamorous, but now it can be as you zip through the airport on your super cool scooter suitcase all the way to your departure gate. Moving walkways are for suckers!

Retro Record Player With Bluetooth

All of your Tinder dates will be super impressed by this retro vinyl player that doubles as a Bluetooth sound system. Now your "retro but modern" profile description will finally make sense!

Coin-Sized Pocket Knife

The perfect handy little tool to keep in your wallet or on your keys. Just don't accidentally try to pay for something with it.

Rainbow Pool Floatie (Various Sizes)

These majestic fish once roamed the oceans, free. Now you can eat them while you float in the pool.

Sad Socks

They'll match perfectly with your sad arms, legs, torso and head. Check the product options for some other interesting sock options...

Sexy Leg Slippers

These slippers will give you toned legs. They will force you to walk awkwardly, tensing your muscles. It's never been easier to get that sexy summer bod.

Baby Tea Accessory

For once, we have nothing to say about a product.

Toilet Ashtray

Push the red button and it will squirt water to put out your lit cigarette. Pure. Class.

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