The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 155th Edition

Dog Butler Toilet Paper Dispenser

Don't worry, he's wearing sunglasses so you won't feel like anyone is watching you poop.

White Rabbit Perfume

How much do you love White Rabbit candy? Enough to spray its scent all over your body?

Desktop Speed Bag

Do you have a stressful job? Keep this on your desk so you can punch it instead of your coworkers when you reach your tipping point.

Small Croissant Bag

Includes a cheese option as well. Doesn't get any more French than that!

Mini Iron

Because who has the time and energy to commit to a full sized iron?

Tabasco Chili Pepper Sauce 60ml * 3

Let this trip take your mouth to pleasuretown. Try it on pizzas and pastas or drizzle it directly into your mouth.

Mysterious Fruit

The seller of this fruit claims that it will change your sense of taste. Sour foods such as lemons will taste sweet for up to half an hour after you consume it. Seems legit!

Creative Toilet Brush

Every home needs a good, dependable toilet brush.

Personal Steam Room Bathtub

Need some alone time? Set this up in your living room and we guarantee your roommate will move out within 3 days.

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