The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 157th Edition

Star Wars Periodic Table Sweatshirt

Organized by rebels, Jedi, bounty hunters, droids and more!

Epic Facekini

Don't step outside without one if you know what's good for you. Choose from 24 epic styles!

Tuna Sashimi Jigsaw Puzzle

This is how the finest sashimi masters in Japan were trained.

Shakespeare Tissue Dispenser

The lady doth protest too much, methinks. Here, have a tissue. - Actual quote from Shakespeare

Creative Lighter

Choose from a fire extinguisher, high-heel shoe, beer can and some others we can't legally mention.

Baozi Earrings

They will match perfectly with your Baopals baozi t-shirt.

Pussycat Gives No F*cks

Buy this t-shirt if you can relate.

Obese Tiger Figurine

Now here is a pussycat that really doesn't give a f*ck! Will you be his friend?

Lucky Golden Toilet

People joke about their toilet being their "throne" but now you can really have one.

Got a cool, cheap or crazy product find of your own? Submit it to for a chance for it to be featured in our next CCC as a Customer Find! If we choose to feature your submission, you'll be the lucky recipient of a 50 RMB voucher.