The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 158th Edition

Trash Classification Game

You know what's cool? Sorting your trash into the appropriate receptacles!

Scanmarker Air Portable Scanner

Manually writing notes down is so last century. Scan notes instantly to your computer, smartphone or tablet with this bad boy.

Japanese Double Layered Oven

If you're missing your oven from back home, this Japanese option will fit nicely in your home and fill it with amazing smells.

Honey King Raw Honeycomb

Raw honey, straight from the source! We tried slicing this open with a hot knife at the Baopals office and slathered the honey on some toasted bread. Deeeeeelicious.

Acute Angle T-Shirt

The perfect gift for your favorite math geek.

Scuba Diving Mask

Now you can avoid having a rent one that a 13 year old sneezed on. Also great for practicing in your bathtub before your next vacation!

Human Centipede Toy

Absolutely delightful! The perfect gift for the entire family.

Platform Transparent Heels

Can't figure out what shoes match with your outfit? Transparent high heels should do the trick!

Rhinoceros Beetle Larvae

This beetle can carry 850 times its own weight, so with some patience and training you could save yourself a lot of money the next time you decide to move apartments.

Got a cool, cheap or crazy product find of your own? Submit it to for a chance for it to be featured in our next CCC as a Customer Find! If we choose to feature your submission, you'll be the lucky recipient of a 50 RMB voucher.