The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 159th Edition

Target Practice Alarm Clock

Start your day off with guns! When this alarm clock goes off in the morning, grab a (toy) gun and shoot the target to turn it off.

Prisma Visions Tarot Cards

A highly rated tarot deck to help guide you towards important self realizations. Now that's cool.

Pet Carrying Apron

Carry your little furry friend with you wherever you go, and get in touch with your inner mama kangaroo.

Air Conditioner Windshield

Is your air conditioner blasting you in the face every night? If you can't find that sweet spot for room temperature, try redirecting the cold air from your AC so it circulates around more efficiently.

Beard Grooming Kit

Now you can stop looking like an unkempt bum, snacking on leftover pieces of meat you found in your beard.

Grenade Mug

The mug of choice by badasses everywhere.

Extreme High-Waisted Pants

Pants just keep getting higher and higher. They won't stop until they reach all the way up to our nose, only leaving our eyes exposed.

Elaborate Ice Sculpture

Ok so there might be a tiny chance it will just be a puddle of water by the time you get it delivered, unwrapped and set up in your kitchen.

Frog Bag

Why does this bag look like it will scream bloody murder when you open it?

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