The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 15th Edition

Jetblue Super Mini6 Earbuds


Did you notice in the Avengers movies that they're always magically talking to each other from really far away, with nothing in their ears?! They were probably wearing these Mini6 earbuds.

Drinko - The Drinking Game


Grab 5 friends who like to have fun and get ready to down some shots! Super easy to play, super difficult to remember who won.

Iron Man Wearable Helmet


Unleash the nerdy! Check out more goodies from this seller.

Tai Kesen Felt Laptop Sleeves

From ¥41.60

There are thousands of laptop bags and sleeves on Baopals, but these ones from Tai Kesen might be the coolest. Keep your laptop nice and snug while on the go, give it a safe surface to rest on while using, and look cool doing it.

Large Breed Dog Food, 20kg


American brand Eukanaba is all about feeding animals as nature intended to. This 20kg bag should keep your dog happy for a while! Plenty more pet products from seller Shou Xiang.

Loose Summer Halter Top


Stay chill while looking chill in a flattering halter top perfect for the summertime.

Salmon Imitation Pillow


Not much of a sashimi eater? Leave it to salmon else to buy this one.

GeekCook Back-in-Time Clock


Great Scott, this clock makes my brain hurt Marty! Plenty more quirky clocks from GeekCook.

Dillary Crump T-Shirt


Regardless of your political views, we can all share a healthy laugh at this one.

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