The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 163rd Edition

Creative Chinese Style Ashtray

Because what's more Chinese than smoking indoors?

Automatic Toothpick Dispenser

Getting food out of your teeth isn't exactly sexy, but with this automatic toothpick dispenser you can at least look cool while getting your toothpick!

Desktop Pendulum Decoration

Have you ever seen this on someone's desk and wondered why they thought it was good idea to put it on their desk? Buy one for yourself and watch it change your life.

Squishy Fruit Pillow

Squeeze, and repeat. Watch the stress melt away!

Amul Pure Ghee, 1kg

Try cooking with ghee! It's delicious, clarified butter with a unique nutty flavor that you are sure to love.

Turbojet Engine

We tried to read the Wikipedia page about turbojet engines, but we fell asleep.

Cow Female Reproductive Organ

The Baopals office is probably the only place where you can have this link open on your desktop computer and nobody walking by will think twice about it...

Liquid Fart Spray

Stuck in an awkward social situation and feeling paralyzed? Give this a quick spray and make your escape!

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