The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 165th Edition

USB Powered Neck-Held Fan

It's almost September, but it's still far too hot. The best thing about this fan is that now you will always have the windswept look and it will seem that you are in the middle of a photo shoot at all times.

Incense Holder & Ashtray

The dragon will have smoke pouring out of its mouth, while you have smoke pouring out of yours. Spicy!

CORSA Children's Helmet

Now your kid will have no excuse to say, "But Mom, wearing a helmet just isn't cool!"

Pressurized Shower Head

You don't have to suffer any longer. Upgrading your shower head is easier than you might think!

Side Sleeper Pillow

Do you have trouble finding the sweet spot when you are trying to sleep? Let this pillow help guide you to dreamland.

Elegant Decorative Hourglass

It will look trendy in your home, and nobody has to know that you use it to give yourself a time limit while eating ice cream and crying every night.

Edible Sanitary Napkins

Why did anyone think that this would be a good idea?

Upside Down Pocket Denim Jacket

The perfect jacket for storing important items, like your cell phone or wallet.

HD Fishfinder Fishing Pole

Is this brilliant, or cheating? You tell us.

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