The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 169th Edition

Mickey Hand Sanitizer

Growing up sucks. That's why you need this cute dispenser to remind you not to take life so seriously.

Mark Manson Books * 2

And here is another less PG-rated reminder not to take life too seriously.

Double Beer Mugs

And if all else fails, grab a buddy and drink.

Pet Poop Bag

If you walk your dog and don't pick up after it...SHAME!

3M Magic Tape

Put this magic tape over a line of printed text, and then slowly peel it away to imprint the text on it. You can then put the tape with the copied text on it on another piece of paper. A literal "copy and paste"!

Retro Phone Holder & Speaker

Now you can pretend you're watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Fresh Meat Blanket

Bring a Tinder date over and make them feel like a piece of meat!

Doge Shoulder Bag

Much Fashion.

Hairdressing Bib

Cut your own hair and clean up after yourself. Your mom will be so proud!

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