The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 16th Edition

Star Wars Minions Power Bank Keychains

From ¥65.75

Not just a cute trinket for your keychain - these little guys also serve as mobile power banks so you can charge your phone on the road. Get one, you must. Or check out the superhero versions.

Skate Tronik SK8 800W Dropboard

From ¥2,895.50

This is one badass electric skateboard. Please don't hurt yourself as you're flying through the streets of Shanghai, and if you happen to strap a GoPro on, we'd love to watch!

Cloud Alarm Clock by Muid in Amoy


This adorable clock can sit on your bedside table or be hung on the wall. While in Energy Saving mode, you can clap your hands, tap, or shake the clock to activate the display. When the alarm goes off, give it a shake to snooze for five minutes.

Spirited Away Nightlights

From ¥34.25

Rather than ingesting you in order to abosrb your emotions and personality traits, these appear to be the friendlier versions of No-Face, knitting peacefully and watching you while you sleep.

Tide Laundry Detergent, 2.5kg


Nothing fancy here - just a bunch of Tide laundry detergent delivered to your door for cheap.

Glow Sticks & LED Party Gear

From ¥0.53

Whether going to a festival or hosting your own party, add glow sticks to the mix and you're bound to light up the night.

Enormous Playing Cards

From ¥19.49

Hiding cards from other players has never been so difficult, but it's worth it. No more hiding aces up your sleeve, Steve!

Psychadelic Button-Down Shirts


If you ran into your grandpa at a rave, this is the shirt he'd be wearing.

Pneumatic Tube Man Headgear


Yep, this is the crazy section of Baopals.

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