The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 170th Edition

Dogbird Figure

It's a's a bird...use it to confuse young children!

Cosmetics Mini Refrigerator

Keep all of your lotions, serums, face masks and creams at the perfect temperature so you can stay looking young and fresh.

Redmi Wireless Earphones

These bestselling wireless earphones will make you completely forget the struggles of getting your earphone wires hopelessly tangled.

Mini Hand Shredder

Your landlord is probably using one to shred your security deposit contract right now.


With its cute unicorn and advanced English, you can easily get away with using this in the classroom.

Shoes Magic Eraser

Your shoes used to be white. Now they're a weird grayish-black color.

Instant Noodle Shoulder Bag

You might have to pry it out of the hands of a hungry person looking for the nearest Family Mart.

Disco Ball Costume

We're gonna party... like it's 1999.

Butt Picker Upper

Want your butt to look a little more perky? Don't use this looks dangerous.

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