The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 171st Edition

Mathematics Creative Clock

Convince your friends you are a math genius... when in actual fact you just know how to tell the time.


When pizza and baozi have a baby. Find more yummy treats from Baozza here!

Bachelorette Party Balloons

Stick these up to give the future bride a light-hearted reminder she's going to be stuck with her husband...forever.

Tassimo Capsule Oreo Coffee

Combining a caffeine fix with a sugar rush. Some might call it the dream!

Mama Needs Some Wine Hoodie

Some days you just need to let your clothes do the talking... especially to the bartender.

Plus Sized Thor Phone Case

Stop.. hammertime! Thor is paving the way in Plus Sized fashion. Let's hope he agrees to model for our Big & Tall department.

Nose Wax Kit

Perfect for those that want to inflict mild to moderate pain on themselves, or partners. Who nose, it probably doesn't even hurt (much).

Sun Wukong Costume

Be the King of the Swingers in this Monkey King costume, just don't blame us when you don't win Best Dressed this Halloween.

iPhone Case

Don't want to splash the cash on the new iPhone? No need! Just stick this phone case on your current phone and no one will be none the wiser... maybe.

Plus-Size F Dress

This is the dress for teachers who want to intimidate their students.

- Submitted by Kate A., Sanya

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