The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 172nd Edition

Electric Mini Desktop Cleaner

Do you have Obsessive Cleaning Disorder? Keep one on your desk at all times for some sweet relief.

Keanu Reeves Action Figure

Keep it next to your bed while you snuggle up with your Keanu Reeves pillow.

Ha Ha Children's Electric Toothbrush

Some kids (and adults) hate brushing their teeth. Here's how to make it fun again!

Sofa Cup Holder

Now the only reason to leave your sofa is to go open the door for the food delivery man.

Super Large Eraser

Everyone makes mistakes, but some people just make more of them.

Fish Pencil Case

There's something terribly fishy about this pencil case...

Pervert Backpack

If your first thought was "Why isn't the number 69?" then we hate to break it to you...but you are one of them...

Anti-UV Facekini

Stay safe on the streets, but also risk causing traffic accidents by wearing this terrifying mask.

Elvis Head Heels

Thank you, thank you very much to the designer of these horrendous shoes.

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