The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 174th Edition

Things I Never Learned In School

We might not know how to do our taxes, but hey... at least we know the Pythagorean theorem!

Cup Cooler

This one is actually cool!! The cup cooler keeps everything cool, from a can to a whole bottle of wine. Amazing.

'Stuck' Phone Case

Feeling stuck? This phone case will remind you that at least you're not stuck in a jumper in a fitting room. Phew!

Soda Can USB Drive

For the more health conscious, this USB stick also comes in Diet Coke.

Lazy Curlers

If you're feeling real lazy, just go out with them in and see how many stares you get on the metro.

Monsters Inc. Ice Cube Tray

Scare your friends by putting an eyeball in their drinks- just kidding, it's only Mike Wazowski.

Toenail Flattener

A Medieval torture device? Nope! Just a standard old toenail flattener... toetally normal.

Customized Projection Lamp

Embarrass your friends at their birthday party with a customised projection of their face. Cool, huh?

Bike Light

We know what you're thinking, and yes, it is supposed to look like what you think it is.

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