The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 175th Edition

Inflatable Birthday Cake Game

A fun game for all the family. The first one to add the points up to their age wins. Adults, this might take you a while!

Yoga Socks

Apparently these socks are helpful if you're into yoga... we just think they look like mittens for your feet!

Flying Alarm Clock

Ever woken up and felt like you were flying? Nope, us neither! Now you can with this flying alarm clock. Warning: it could hit you in the head.

Laser Scissors

These scissors are an essential for those who are not naturally gifted at gliding scissors through the wrapping paper.

Creative Baby Pacifier

Is talking to your baby like pulling teeth? Give them one of these pacifiers to make them seem more interested than they actually are!

Banana Bottle Stopper

An apeeling bottle stopper for any wine, or banana, lovers out there. Wine not included, unfortunately.

Bouncing Shoes

Walking is overrated, try bouncing instead! Perfect for hopping over the crowds on an early morning commute.

Nose Soap Dispenser

What's snot to love about this soap dispenser? The greener your soap is, the better this will look!

F*** You Hoodie

If you're an English Teacher maybe don't wear this one to school to save yourself from any awkward explanations.

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