The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 182nd Edition

Chinese New Year Box

Everything you need to see the Chinese New Year in with style, in one laowai-proof box! This box really does have everything, including a red packet. Unfortunately, the golden money inside isn't redeemable on Baopals... however, the box is Buy One Get One Free exclusively to Baopals shoppers!

Donald Trump Mug

No fake news here, just great products! Show your love, or resentment, for your other half with these Donald Trump inspired quote mugs.

Spoof Famous Paintings

Want to combine your love of modern pop culture with iconic artwork? This is the ideal painting for you! Who wouldn't want to see what Marilyn Monroe could have looked like if she was a minion?

Grumpy Cat Toy

The ultimate meme - a grumpy cat. This key ring is purrfect for the crazy cat lady in your life.

2020 Desk Calendar

Already broken your New Year's Resolution to be more organised this year? You still have time to turn it around, this cute desk calendar will make sure you keep on top of things!

Microfiber Travel Towel

This product is cheap and practical - don't say we don't treat you! An essential for anyone backpacking over the CNY, or someone who just likes to travel light.


Vending Machine Door

Vending machine, door to a super exclusive speakeasy, or just the door to your bathroom? Confuse or amaze people with this door.

Hand Phone Case

Need a hand finding the most practical phone case? Look no further, this phone case is so subtle, and according to the pictures can still fit in your jean pocket.

V-Shape Face Mask

This face mask is supposed to change the actual shape of your face... we aren't too sure of the magic behind this, but we're willing to try anything to shift that post-Christmas double chin!

Got a cool, cheap or crazy product find of your own? Submit it to for a chance for it to be featured in our next CCC as a Customer Find! If we choose to feature your submission, you'll be the lucky recipient of a 50 RMB voucher.