The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 185th Edition


You know what's cool? Getting decades-worth of gunk out of your teeth. Upgrade your dental floss in a major way with a Waterpik.

Mickey Mouse Necklace

Celebrate the Year of the Rat with a tribute to everyone's favorite mouse!

Kobe Bryant T-Shirt

Remembering a Legend.

Doge Pillows

A doge pillow for every day of the week.

Luckin Premium Drip Coffee 10g * 6

These handy drip coffee packets are easy and fun to make. Not to mention, the price of six packets is still cheaper than one Starbucks coffee!

Baby Delivery Demo

In case you weren't sure how it all works...

Dog Face Mask

For the pups with the cute, smushed faces.

Smiling Dog Toy

The only thing better than saying "Do you want to go on a walk?"

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