The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 189th Edition

Knit Viking Mask

Keep your face warm while you pillage and plunder.

Entry Level Telescope

China's got clear skies these days due to the lack of people driving and working in factories. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to peep some stars!

Paint By The Number Spoof Paintings

Discover the artist within by painting these classic masterpieces.

Salt and Pepper Grinders

Many spice producers love to use grinders that are impossible to refill. They are evil, and here is how to stop them.

Wholemeal Indian Roti, 325g

Roti is a delicious flatbread commonly enjoyed with curries. This frozen roti is ready in minutes!

Computer Monitor Shelves

You thought you had used every last inch of space on your cramped desk...until now.

Leg Straighteners

Get the sexy straight legs you've always dreamed of...just be prepared to hop around if you need to get anywhere.

Fat Roller

Roll away that pesky flab without needing to bother with those new age trends "diet" and "exercise".

Hypnosis Sleeping Headband

Find sweet relief from headaches and insomnia in fifteen minutes or less.

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