The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 194th Edition

Reusable Drinking Cup & Straw

This cup is guaranteed to get you compliments. Fill it with vodka and no one will spot the difference!

Netgear Wifi Signal Amplifier

Because you shouldn't have to live with mediocre wifi.

Secondhand PS4

Save yourself some money on home entertainment. If you are in a relationship, this is also usually a good way to drive your significant other crazy.

There Is No Love In This City

The realest window decal out there.

Creative Desk Lamp

This lamp disguises itself as home decor until you need it. Now if only your children could do that...

Saline Nasal Passage Cleaner

What do you have in your nostrils these days? Probably some dust, grime and those little particle things that float through the air.

Adult Playing Cards

Bring them to your next office party!

Medieval Leather Armor

Wear it under all of your clothing to feel safe at all times.

Steampunk Mechanical Wolf

Perfect for impressing guests in your home.

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