The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 195th Edition

Qingdao Giant 10L Beer

Best if consumed one sitting. So it doesn't go flat!

iPhone Water Cooler

It will harness the power of water to cool your phone off, allowing you to browse WeChat endlessly. Thank you, science.

Giant Teddy Bear

Do you crave another human's touch? Invest in this teddy bear and you won't notice any difference.

Corgi Butt Tissue Dispenser

You might be crying and need a tissue, but it will be impossible not to crack a smile as you pull it out of a corgi's butt.

Unisex Basketball Socks

Express yourself without having to say anything.

Solar Powered Calculator

There's something satisfying about using a real calculator, rather than tapping away on your phone.

Pet Hair Dye

Sometimes our love for our pets can make us go a little crazy.

Kill Bill T-Shirt

Wear it when you meet your in-laws for the first time to make a truly lasting impression.

Modern Ceramic Toilet

We have a feeling this model will regret taking on this job someday.

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