The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 200th Edition

Today we are celebrating the 200th edition of The CCC! Here are some of our top hits and weirdest finds over the past 200 weeks. And to celebrate the amazing magic and intrigue of this series, we are giving away one product from each category (The Cool, The Cheap, The Crazy) to 3 lucky winners!

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Thanks for all of the support and love times 200!

Black Panther Wireless Mouse

Because there’s no telling what kind of hidden technology the Wakandans have put into their computer mouse.
- From CCC #120

Pet Carrying Backpack

Take your pet out with you to see the world!
- From CCC #138

Hungry Shark Pillows

Looks like these sharks didn't get the memo...humans are friends, not food!
- From CCC #139

Vitafusion Melatonin Gummies * 60

You are now getting very sleepy...
- From CCC #141

Big Cat Stuffed Animals

Hey all you cool cats and kittens...
- From CCC #192

Qingdao Giant 10L Beer

Best if consumed one sitting. So it doesn't go flat!
- From CCC #195

Single Inflatable Mattress

If you're got a friend visiting this summer, you can still give them the 5-star hotel experience by upgrading them from your couch to a nice inflatable mattress for one.
- From CCC #112

Meikang Gel Eye Masks, 60 Pieces

Our eyes go through a lot of strain throughout the day, so treat them to a soothing mini spa day to thank then for their hard work.
- From CCC #122

Flannel Unicorn Pajamas

They will take you from bed to the hottest Halloween party in town, and back to bed again without having to worry about any outfit changes.
- From CCC #125

Various Party Games

Choose from over 10 adult party games that will help you see a new side to the friends that you thought you knew.
- From CCC #131

Get Shit Done Notebook

Self explanatory.
- From CCC #137

Olirise Thick Cut Bacon, 2kg

Do you even need a reason?
- From CCC #143


Face Bank

Watch this little guy chew up and swallow your money. Honestly, we might be too freaked out to even ask for it back.
- From CCC #109

Funny T-Shirt And Shorts Set

Sexy, mysterious and chic. This clothing set is none of those things.
- From CCC #123


Chinese Snack Food Pillows

Hungry? Sleepy? Try a Chinese Snack Food Pillow.
- From CCC #130

Creative Toilet Brush

Every home needs a good, dependable toilet brush.
- From CCC #155


At Home Moxibustion Set

If you're really running out of new hobbies to try whilst at home... we can guarantee you've not tried this yet!
- From CCC #187

20kg Of Toilet Paper

Doesn't seem so crazy now, does it?
- From CCC #196