The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 201st Edition

Famous Men Busts

Make your guests think you are an intellectual…or a Bond villain.

Large Memory Foam Sofa

Perfect for your next adult slumber party.

AirPod Bluetooth Speaker

The only AirPods you can't lose.

Cereal Wall Dispenser

When it comes to cereal, the best way to consume it is to put your mouth directly below this dispenser.

Watermelon Popsicle Maker

The easiest way to make a fresh popsicle without the sugar or artificial flavorings.

Anonymous Sunglasses

Caption has been retracted.

Meituan Delivery Driver Kit

Next time you get a food delivery, try opening the door dressed identically to the delivery man/woman.

Old Shanghai Style Rickshaw

Hire yourself a rickshaw driver (puller?) to get around town and watch everyone treat you like royalty.

Fringe Cutting Helper

It's never been a good idea to try to cut your fringe (bangs if you're American) at home...until now.

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