The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 203rd Edition

USD Floor Mat

Get it while it's still worth something! Also available in GBP.

Skeleton Pillows

Warn your guests what might happen if they overstay their welcome.

Electric Unicycle Motorbike

The most badass way to get around town.

Marauder's Map

Just in case you wanted to see what Professor Snape is up to.

Long Metallic Balloons

Fulfill your childhood dream of becoming a professional balloon artist.

Duvet With Sleeves

Crank up the air conditioner and wear this duvet in bed all summer long.

Transparent Suitcase

We don't have any privacy anyway, and this way you can skip the x-ray machines! (maybe)

Large Inflatable Pool

Perfect for your next block party.

3-Person Bicycle

Correction: this is the most badass way to get around town.

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