The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 212th Edition

BOBOBIRD Wooden Watch

A unique watch with an even more unique way of displaying the time.

Laser Projection Keyboard

Get laser hair removal, laser eye surgery and then use your laser keyboard if you want to start living in 2021.

DIY Manual Music Box

Use the included tools to create small holes on different notes on a scale, and run it through this music box to play your own customized song!

Macedonian Tahini, 300g

Use this delicious creamy goodness to make sauces, hummus, salad dressings, desserts and more!

Animal Ashtrays

Also can be used to store hundred yuan bills.

Superhero Bookend

Let these superheroes help support your book collecting habit.

Plastic Fishing Boat

Sail the f@#% away from all of your problems.

Rubber Band Shooting Gun

If you're an American in China and miss your Second Amendment, here's a little taste of home.

Keyboard Key Cover

Some people need to put this on their #hashtag key. #enoughwiththehashtagsalready

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