The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 218th Edition

Boxyard CBD Oil, 10ml

CBD oil is 100% legal in China and is popularly used to help relieve anxiety (Joe Rogan is a huge fan!), aid in sleep and offers many other health benefits. Boxyard offers many different products to try.

Gigantic Soap Bubble Kit

Buy it for your kids or students! But realistically you'll probably end up spending more time using this yourself.

USB Rechargeable Humidifer Attachment

Feeling dry and brittle? Turn any water bottle into a humidifier or face steamer.

Halloween Face Masks

Don't want to bother with a costume this year? Grab one of these masks and call it a day.

Assorted Fridge Magnets

Subjects vary from famous fine art paintings to Marilyn Monroe to...butts.

Mini Drying Rack

Perfect for those tiny apartments or dorm rooms.

Avocado Mustard & Pumpkin Caramel Lays

Which flavor sounds worse? We can't decide.

Children's Scooter Windshield Cover

This child may be poorly Photoshopped in this photo, but we can assure you a real child will enjoy it too.

Donald Trump Socks

You can even brush his hair!

Got a cool, cheap or crazy product find of your own? Submit it to for a chance for it to be featured in our next CCC as a Customer Find! If we choose to feature your submission, you'll be the lucky recipient of a 50 RMB voucher.