The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 220th Edition

Mug Warming Coaster

You make a cup of tea, it's too hot to drink, you walk away from it and forget about it until it's ice's a tragic tale we are all familiar with.

Colored Mechanical Keyboard

Feel extra cool as you type up those expense reports.

Astronaut Night Light

This lamp will provide some comfort to you morning, moon and night.

Mini Pig Ornaments

Have you ever wanted a mini pig, but realized that they don't stay mini for long? Now you can have a mini pig forever. More than 27 little piggies to choose from.

Cute Airpod Cases

Because sometimes you actually need to remove your Airpods from your ears. Choose from 24 styles!

Hobbit Feet Slippers

Many people care about keeping their feet well groomed and neat. Then there are the Hobbit Feet kind of people.

Large Tobacco Pipe

If cigarettes aren't doing it for you anymore, pack a bowl of tabacco in this massive pipe and feel something again.

6-Pack Beer Belt

"I finally got the six-pack you've always wanted me to have, Babe!"

Ceramic Toilet Mug

Serve your colleagues a nice cup of coffee in this mug, and wait until they hit the fun surprise at the bottom of it.

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