The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 221st Edition

OISLE Apple Portable Battery Pack

Stop living life at 10% or less.

Anti-Blue Ray Protective Glasses

If you find yourself tired after a long day of trying to deal with idiots online at work, give your eyes some relief with some protective glasses.

Bathroom Storage Box

Your favorite face products will can get dusty and musty in your bathroom. Keep them protected in an elegant storage box.

Cute Cat Water & Food Dispenser

Your cat won't appreciate it or care, but you can pretend that they do.

Instant Noodle Ceramic Mugs

Eating noodles from a bowl is not cool anymore.

Egg Yolk Seperater

A strange, yet satisfying way to separate your egg yolks.

Wireless Farting Machine

Makes for a great gift for a child or immature adult.

Portable Toilet Seat

"I bought this to put over the hole in my floor called a toilet. It didn't work. It was a mess. Oh my god." - Zankeeffe

Creative Deer Magnets

Cute, yet slightly disturbing. Just like you!

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