The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 225th Edition

Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Clean glasses, jewelry, make up brushes and more with this high tech ultrasonic high vibration cleaner. It can safely remove grease, residue, fingerprints, smells and more.

Retro Minimal Desktop Clock

Check the time and weather quickly without getting sucked into WeChat for three hours!

LED Strip Lights

Use it to spell out cute messages like "help me" and "trapped" and "SOS" on your apartment window.

Among Us Keychain

Everybody asks who's the imposter. But nobody asks how's the imposter.

Nexcare Acne Covers

If you can't resist the urge to pick at a pimple (we've all been there), use this handy bandage to prevent yourself from picking at it. It will also keep it clean and help absorb any oil or dirt coming out of it.

LED Candles

Beautiful candles you can walk away from and forget about without burning your apartment down.

Magic 8 Ball

Use this to answer major life questions.. like "Should I propose?" "Should I bet all of my money on that horse?"

Witch Magic Ritual Practice

Casting spells and mixing up love potions has never been easier.

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