The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 22nd Edition

GR Wacacao Minipresso


Make the perfect espresso anytime anywhere. Just load the minipresso with fresh ground coffee et voila... Instant espresso. For those of you who prefer coffee capsules as opposed to coffee grounds, don’t fret. The CA minipresso was designed just for you.

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child


Harry Potter is back! No spoilers. Just read it!

Push Powered Vacuum Cleaner


No more fussing with dustpans and wires. This little guy is all you need. Simply push this 2-in-1 broom/dustpan over your floors and watch dirt and grime magically disappear.

Mueloliva Olive Oil


For less than 200 RMB you’ll get 4 bottles of delicious olive oil and a pack of Gallo macaroni as a free gift. It doesn’t get much better than that.

OCB Rolling Papers


OCB papers are one of the largest suppliers of rolling papers with an excellent reputation of high quality cigarette papers. Get yourself this pack of 1,250 papers for under 60 Rmb and you’ll be set for the next couple of years!

Men's Cotton Summer Socks


Just a bunch of good looking, comfortable socks.

Chicken Diaper


Wait... What?

Quirky - Smart Egg Tray


Simply fork over 700 Rmb, download the Egg Minder app, link your iPhone to this smart egg tray and you’ll be able to check how many eggs you have in your tray anytime, anywhere! But honestly, if you can’t count 6 eggs in your fridge, then just give up. Life is way harder than that.

Go Girl - Pee Like A Man


Are you sick of being marginalized by antiquated urination standards? Then this product is for you!