DIY: Brew Your Own Beer At Home

It's time for some good old fashioned DIY!

Today we're talking about a very important topic, one that's very close to our heart. Beer!

Brewing your own beer at home is a surprisingly easy DIY project and means you won't have to leave the house to buy beer anymore. We've found the essential equipment to get started, and a few brewing kits and recipes to try. Cheers!

Beer Brewing Kits & Accessories

For detailed directions on how to brew your own beer at home with a kit, check out these helpful guides from How Do You Brew and Beersmith.

5 Gallon Beer Recipe Kits

Every set includes hops, malt, and yeast and makes up to 21L of beer.

Milk Stout

Originating in the early twentieth century, the addition of lactose gives this British style beer its name. This particular recipe is full bodied, with a slightly bitter and soft taste with hints of baked bread. Expected ABV 5%

Centennial IPA

This is an American-Style orange hued IPA, with a sweet malt flavor that highlights the strong floral and citrus aroma. Expected ABV 6.6%

Belgian Wit

This Belgian Wit recipe won first place in the 2014 Shanghai Brewing Competition in the wheat beer category, with notes similar to the Hoegaarden white beer. Unlike a traditional Belgian wheat beer, the wheat used in this recipe is germinated. Expected ABV 5.1%

English Pale Ale

This recipe for an English Pale Ale is suitable for beginner brewers. The yeast diffuses into the mixture nicely and the beer has a clear color, with a crisp fruity and flowery flavor. Expected ABV 5.4%

Belgian Dubbel

This particular recipe is not like most Belgian Dubbels, as there is a stronger fruit flavor to this recipe. The overall taste is more balanced and the different natural sugars in the malt, wheat, and hops are reflected in the rich caramel flavor. Expected ABV 5.6%

Bavarian Hefeweizen

This is one of the more traditional German beers that has gained a large following in China. The proportion of wheat to to yeast is generally 50/50 but the flavor of the wheat is generally more pronounced, with a rich banana and clove aroma. Expected ABV 5.2%

Other Goodies

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