DIY: Make Your Own Soy Candles

Did you know it is rather simple to make your own beautiful and aromatic soy candles? Soy candles burn slowly, are non-toxic and don't give off soot when they burn, making them the most environmentally friendly candle. This is a fun, quick and easy activity for all ages (children must be supervised) and makes for a thoughtful handmade gift.

Here's how it's done, and the materials you need to begin making your own!

Step 1: Glue or use a drop of melted wax to adhere a wick inside the center of the candle container. Use chopsticks to hold it in place.
Step 2: Melt wax flakes in a shallow pan over hot water.
Step 3: Let the wax cool for a few minutes, and then stir in up to 10ml of any scents of your choice (essential oils work great as well) and/or wax dye if you prefer a colored candle.
Step 4: Pour melted wax into the glass. After wax has hardened a bit (15-20 minutes), adorn with dried flowers if you'd like.
Step 5: Wait 2-3 hours for it to dry and harden, and voila!