Must-Have Tools For A Fashion Enthusiast

There will always be that one shirt that is just a little too long, or that one pair of pants that got too tight after the first wash. Wouldn't it be great to be able to take clothing apart and tailor it to fit us perfectly?

Here is everything you need to design, create and sew your own clothing. All of these items are perfect for beginners, and are also great for someone that already owns a sewing machine and wants to perfect their craft. If you need sewing inspiration, check out our men's and women's apparel departments!

Start With The Basics

Let's start slow and simple. These are a few items you need before you can start to create your first masterpiece.

Compact Sewing Kit

This little kit contains everything you need to get started. It has safety pins, buttons, thread and more for emergency situations (if a button falls off or a seam rips).

Multi-Size Sketch Books

It is important to feel inspired and motivated before starting a project. Write or sketch all of your ideas in this pad.

Sewing Machine Thread

It is good to have many thread color options so you can match with everything.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Many designs end up messy, or imprecise because not every measurement is perfect.

Mini Measuring Tape

This soft, convenient measuring tape will help you take better measurements of the body.

90 Degree Ruler

Use this ruler to precisely measure fabric.

Fabric Scissors

Remember that you want your scissors sharp, so you'll need separate scissors for paper and fabric.

Create & Draw Out Your Design

After measuring out the item you want to make, the next step is getting everything ready for the sewing machine.

Large Roll Brown Paper

Sketch out all of your measurements on this paper, and remember to add an extra inch of space for sewing.

Blue And Red Double Ended Pencil.

Once the paper is cut, outline the design on your fabric.

Triangle Chalk

These special tools can be used to outline so you don't damage or stain your fabric.

Pin & Sew

As you mark the fabric, you can pin the pattern paper to the fabric. It is also useful to pin the back and front of your fabric before sewing.

Colorful Pins

Pinning exactly where you need to sew ensures smooth straight edges.

Red Tomato Needle Cushion

Store your needles in this cushion so nothing falls on the floor and hurts you later.

Floral Printed Fabric

Lastly we have some fabric. Feel free to browse all of these amazing fabrics to find what suits you.

Sewing Machine and Tools

It is possible to create your masterpiece by hand, but these tools are available to make your life much easier.

Singer Sewing Machine

This is a classic, reputable sewing machine with all the bits and bobs ready for you.

Mini Sewing Machine

This smaller sewing machine is more affordable and can also be a great purchase for a beginner sewing enthusiast so they can learn the ropes.

Mannequin (Various SIzes Available)

A mannequin is very handy if you are sewing for someone of a different size, or if you can't easily make adjustments on yourself. Don't forget to also browse different zippers to finish off any bigger garment.