How To Open Fuyou Pick-Up Lockers

Step 1: Approach touchscreen interface and select ‘collect package’ option.

Step 2: Press the button at the bottom right side of the screen to type in your phone contact number and pickup code to open the box (contact number in the first line and pickup code in the second line).

Step 3: The locker door should now open after 15-60 seconds. You may also press the button indicated below to open the door immediately.

If you never received the unlock code, you can use your contact number to dial the Fuiou service line: 95138, then press 2111. The code will be read by the service line automatically. You may also ask your Chinese colleague or friend for assistance to make the call for you.

Please note that if you open the locker and then close the door, the status of your parcel will be shown as “the parcel has been collected successfully” and neither the courier or Baopals has the right to open it again.