How To Open HIVEBOX Lockers

Option I: Scan WeChat/Alipay

Follow the “丰巢快递柜” subscription account on WeChat/Alipay (you can copy and paste the text) and bind it with your phone number.

2. Receive the notification sent to your WeChat/Alipay.

3. Scan QR code and collect your package.

Option II: Text message

1. Receive text message
2. Enter code
3. Get the package

If you can't find your pickup code, you can also pick up the package by using your phone number.

Please refer to the following steps:

1. Click the pickup package button. (取快递)

2. Click on Forgot Pickup Code (忘记取件码) under the yellow button.

3. Fill in the phone number associated with the order.

4. Click on Get Verification Code (获取验证码).

5. You will receive a code on your phone.

6. Enter the code in the small blank and click Next (下一步). The code should be filled in within 90 seconds or you may have to repeat step #4.

7. Your package information will then appear on the screen.

8. Click the yellow Pickup Package button (取件).