4 Easy Ways To Save Big This 11.11

The single largest online shopping day in the world is almost here, and Baopals is your portal to the best discounts of the year! Here are some pro tips for saving big when shopping this year.

1. Shop from midnight all through 11.11 for the biggest discounts

Just after midnight, millions of items will go on sale. Baopals prices will update automatically so that you can browse and find your favorite deals. Give it 3-4 minutes just to be sure, as we've found some discounts fall a couple of minutes behind.

Got items in your cart already? Your items will update with the latest prices to ensure you don't miss a discount. Clicking "Place Order" will also automatically adjust prices before payment is made. If you were already on your cart before midnight, simply refresh the page to fetch the latest prices. If the prices don't change, there's a good chance those items were on sale already!

2. Check our newly updated homepage for great deals

We'll be updating our homepage with new deals regularly! Continue scrolling down the page to find all of our departments and top brands for easy browsing.

3. Go to What's Hot to see what others are buying

What's Hot is a special section of our website where you can browse what other Baopals shoppers are buying and loving. Check it out to see the best deals our customers have found.

4. Browse our most popular brands

Check out our most popular brands to see what kind of discounts they are offering. Expect discounts ranging from 20-60% off!