5 Ways to Find the Best Baopals Products

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes at Baopals to make sure our customers’ orders go smoothly. We check every purchase to make sure the sellers are reliable, monitor for items that don’t ship out within 48 hours, and communicate with customers, sellers, and couriers to resolve any issues that arise.

In addition to using our tailored departments and search suggestions, there are a number of ways savvy customers find great products on Baopals. Here are five pro tips:

1. Search Baopals Customer Reviews

You’ve probably noticed you can browse all Baopals customer reviews in our Discover section, but have you tried searching for reviews of specific items? Look for the search bar at the top (or in the “search & filter” menu on mobile), enter your key words and voila. The search targets both product names and review content. To see how useful it can be, search “gift” for a plethora of gift ideas, “plus size” for extra assurance on plus size clothing, and “cheese”, because, well, cheese.

2. Browse Trending Products & Sellers

A recent addition to Baopals, the What’s Hot section brings you our most popular reviews, products and sellers for the past 7 days so you can easily discover the best values found by the Baopals community. For Trending Sellers, you can also filter by category to view the best sellers for household products, women’s fashion, electronics, and much more.

3. Look For Tmall Sellers & Filters

When you search for products on Baopals, you have the option to show results from All Sellers (Taobao & Tmall) or Tmall Sellers. While All Sellers gives you the most results, you may want to focus on Tmall Sellers only for certain kinds of products. Tmall has stricter requirements for sellers, including 3-year business operations in China, licenses for any brands they carry, and (in most cases) a 7-day return policy. Thus, we typically recommend checking Tmall Sellers when shopping for global brands, consumer electronics, and appliances.

You’ll also find that switching to Tmall Sellers often yields a number of additional filters, depending on the product category. For example, going to Tmall Sellers in the phone cases category gives you filters for case style, phone brand, and more. You can also sort results by popularity, sales, or price.

4. Check The Quantity Sold

A useful, but often overlooked indicator of a product’s quality (and a seller’s reliability) is the quantity sold. This number represents the item’s sales on Taobao or Tmall in the past 30 days. You can find it on the product page by scrolling down to the Details section. For common products, you should expect quantity sold to be in the hundreds or thousands. For expensive or special interest items, like this Game of Thrones 3D Puzzle, the quantity sold will understandably be lower. So if there are many options for the type of item you’re viewing, you should be weary of a quantity sold that is close to zero or showing “N/A”.

5. Get Help from Baopals

If you’re just not sure about a product, or you’d like some help in your search, a Baopals agent is never far away. You can use the Product Q&A to ask about a specific item, and our team will contact the seller as needed and get back to you with an answer. You can also email support@baopals.com or message our official WeChat (QR below!) to talk to an agent and ask for help finding a product.

Last but not least, you can create a post in the Baopals Community section to enlist the help of other Baopals shoppers!