7 Sellers Shipping Over CNY

While many item shipments will be delayed over the Chinese New Year as delivery companies and sellers return to their hometowns, we've found 7 great sellers that will be shipping normally throughout the holiday season. While smaller cities still may expect some delays, shipments in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other major cities should arrive on a normal schedule.

Give your pet the royal treatment with some delicious food tailor-made for their breed, age or diet requirements.*

The Baopals Supermarket is a magical place filled with food and condiments, toiletries, household cleaning supplies and tens of thousands of other essentials.

This online marketplace has got an extensive selection of products, from cell phones to household appliances to food. Now you have a perfectly valid excuse to never have to step foot outside your apartment again.

Get fit this CNY with athletic apparel that moves with you, or just adopt the chic look of someone that is really into fitness.

And if you aren't into Nike, opt for Adidas instead! Either way, you're going to look good.

Shop for the latest in men's and women's fashion from one of the world's largest apparel retailers.

It might be tempting to stay in your pajamas all CNY. Resist the urge and pick up a cute outfit at Forever 21. Or don't...they sell pajamas too!

*Please note that there may be an additional SF Express shipping fee on some orders.