Earn Double Rewards All Week For Our Anniversary!

This week marks the four year anniversary of Baopals! To celebrate, we are awarding all of our customers double rewards from March 1-8.

As we announced earlier in February, you can now earn money on Baopals by reviewing your purchases, sharing products you love, and introducing Baopals to your friends.

When you earn rewards to your Baopals Wallet, you can spend them directly on Baopals purchases or withdraw the money to any of your preferred payment methods - WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay, or PayPal.

Read on below to see the rewards you can earn this week!

Refer Friends

Bring a pal to Baopals and you'll give them ¥25 off their first order while earning ¥25 ¥50 into your Baopals wallet.
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Review Purchases

Write a helpful review on products you've purchased after February 5th and you'll earn ¥1 ¥2 instantly.
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Share Products

Earn double commission on products you review or share in Baopals collections, communities, or social media.
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Ready to get started?

Head over to Baopals and explore your own wallet, rewards, and friend referral pages!

And on behalf of Baopals, thank you for all of your support for the past FOUR years!