Earn Rewards With Baopals Fortune!

What is Fortune?

Fortune is a rough measurement of the content you create on Baopals and how well it is received by the Baopals community. The more Fortune you earn, the more rewards and privileges you will unlock.

Your Fortune points will appear as a number next to your Baopals profile on the mobile menu and in Baopals Discover. Reaching Fortune milestones will earn you discounts on your Baopals orders!

Fortune Rewards

Upon reaching certain Fortune milestones, users will be awarded a Baopals coupon that may be used on any purchase, no minimum order required. You will receive a notification as well as an email when any of the following milestones are reached.

  • 50 Fortune: ¥5
  • 100 Fortune: ¥10
  • 200 Fortune: ¥20
  • 300 Fortune: ¥30
  • 400 Fortune: ¥40
  • 500 Fortune: ¥50
  • 750 Fortune: ¥75
  • 1000 Fortune: ¥100

How do I earn Fortune?

All users start at 0 Fortune. The primary way to accumulate Fortune is by creating, posting and sharing quality Baopals content. Poor content, on the other hand, may cause you to lose fortune. You may gain (or lose) Fortune from the following actions:

  • Writing a review on an item you purchased: +1
  • Creating a Post within a Community: +2
  • Replying to a Comment or a Post in a Community: +1
  • Receiving a like from another Baopals user on your Collection: +2
  • Any upvote received on a Review, Post or Reply: +1
  • Any downvote received on a Review, Post or Reply: -1

Ready to get started?

Visit the Baopals Community today and start creating, posting and sharing your own content to start earning your Fortune points and get rewarded for your contributions!