New Feature: Search Within Sellers & Categories

Navigating on Baopals just got easier! Now on any seller page, and many category pages, look for the handy search bar and enter key words to narrow down your selection.

Many sellers on Baopals have over a thousand items for sale, and the search function can save you plenty of time clicking through page after page. You can use search to find all badminton products in the Decathlon store, headphones from Xiaomi's flagship store, headache treatments from Ali Health Pharmacy, and anything else you desire!

We should note that it's not entirely perfect, as search terms are translated to Chinese and target key words used by each seller, so we suggest experimenting and not using too many terms for best results. Speaking of sellers, be sure to check out the most popular stores on Baopals in our What's Hot section.

We've also added the ability to search within many of Baopals' categories, so be sure to make use of it there too. Let's say you're browsing for a new phone case. You've got about 2.5 million cases to choose from in the Phone Cases & Shells category. So you search "apple" within the category and now you only have 670,000 iPhone cases to consider! Let's get more specific. You still want an iPhone case, and you're also a big fan of Tom & Jerry. Search "apple tom jerry" within the category and voila - 146 choices for Tom & Jerry themed iPhone cases.

Finally, you can find the phone case that best defines you as a person.

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