Save ¥50 on DiDi & Other Expat Services

These days you're more likely to hear "Let's take a DiDi" than "Let's take a taxi", as DiDi has proved to be the best way to get a ride around town. Even so, a lot of China's expats didn't know that DiDi has an English version! Better yet, if you use DiDi's English version now, you can get up to ¥50 off your DiDi rides, as well as discounts on Baopals and other expat services in DiDi's Rewards Club.

Using DiDi's English version is easy and doesn't take a lot of time to set up. You can download the English version in the app store (search for DiDi - Greater China), or if you already have the Chinese version you can change it to English by going to 设置 (Settings) > 语言 (Language) > English.

You can then sign up using your phone number (international numbers are also supported), set up your preferred payment method and call your first car. They offer express, taxi, premier and luxe ride options. Customer service is in English, and you can message your driver directly using their pre-set templates or your own message. DiDi will auto-translate your messages into Chinese for easy communication.

Scan the QR to the right (or below on your phone) to visit DiDi's Rewards Club and grab yourself some savings on DiDi, Baopals, Sherpa's, 247Tickets and more.