The Baopals Mid-Year Sale Is On Now!

Word on the street is, there's a big sale going on in the magical land of Baopals. It's celebrating the fact that we've all made it halfway through the year...a feat that certainly deserves some recognition and reward.

Look for the sales badges on millions of Baopals items for some major markdowns and deals. We've highlighted some of our favorite sellers and categories below to help you take advantage this mega-sale event.

And in other exciting news...

We've added China's second largest online marketplace (Jingdong) to Baopals, with 1-2 day delivery, package consolidation and quality control. JD is China's largest single retailer and sets the standard in quality assurance, authenticity, and delivery speed.

Look for the Express and Tmall sale icons to start shopping JD and Tmall's 6.18 massive sale from June 1st through June 18th.

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