Use Pictures to Find Products on Baopals!

Finding the perfect search terms and narrowing options down can be a challenge, especially when there are a billion products to choose from. Now you can snap a photo or upload an image and Baopals will bring you the closest product matches instantly!

See something you like in the wild? Open up Baopals and take a photo!

Instead of asking a friend where they bought something, snap a photo and you can instantly get the item on Baopals. While it won't be perfect 100% of the time, we've experimented with all kinds of products and have been amazed at the results. Check out the matches for our photo of the coffee mug.

Save a pic from anywhere on the web and plug it in to the Baopals search.

Know exactly what you want? You don't need to guess at the search terms or browse through Baopals' departments - just upload an image and voilà! It can even recognize text and other unique details. Here's an example search using the Game of Thrones cover image.