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The Baopals Score

The Baopals score aggregates and weighs several important pieces of information: the product quality, seller service, and shipping speed.

Life in China Starter Kit

Welcome to China, a place where everything is very different and just a little bit more confusing. But not to worry, we've got all the essentials you need to start this journey on the right foot.

Rejecting Packages

While it’s impossible to physically inspect products before purchasing, you do have the power to reject packages and obtain a full refund or a replacement.

15 Ways to Optimize Your Space

Spacious apartments are hard to come by in China, but fortunately there are several elegant storage solutions out there that will have your home looking and functioning at its best.

The Medicinal Magic of Alcohol

This week we're here to give you a reason to drink. Discover the miraculous healing powers of all of your favorite alcohols and justify that extra margarita on a night out.