5 Phrases To Use With Couriers

Communication with delivery men or women can be stressful without a working knowledge of Chinese. Fortunately, most couriers are available by phone (the contact information is often included in your item’s tracking information) and a simple text message or phone call will nip any issues in the bud.

Here are 5 useful phrases you can copy and paste into a text message to make things easier for both you and the person delivering your package. If you need to communicate over the phone, give the pinyin we’ve included below the Chinese characters a try.

1. Can you please leave the package in front of my door? I give permission and assume responsibility for the package. Thank you!

Nǐ néng bǎ bāoguǒ liú zài ménkǒu ma? Wǒ yǔnxǔ nǐ bǎ bāoguǒ liú zài ménkǒu, bìngqiě yuànyì chéngdān diūshī de fēngxiǎn. Xièxiè!

2. Please leave the package with security. Thank you!

Máfan bǎ bāoguǒ liú zài bǎo’ān shì hǎo ma? Xièxiè!

3. Please leave the package with reception/front desk. Thank you!

Máfan bǎ bāoguǒ liú zài qiántái jiēdài chù hǎo ma? Xièxiè!

4. I’m not home today. Can you please come tomorrow?

Wǒ jīntiān zhènghǎo bù zàijiā, nǐ míngtiān suíshí kěyǐ lái ma?

5. I’m at home right now. Can you please come up?

Wǒ xiànzài zài jiālǐ, nǐ néng lái.